Posted on Sep 02, 2023
Our very own Paul Jones celebrated quite a milestone. Sixty years with our Rotary club (61 if you ask him). Either way, it's amazing to see such an excellent Rotarian and we are so honored to have him at our club. A big thank you to Paul for ensuring that Rotary is here for the next generation and generations to come!


Thank you to Paul Jones for his incredible contributions to Rotary

In the world of community service and humanitarianism, longevity often speaks volumes about one's commitment and dedication. Recently, our very own Paul Jones marked a remarkable milestone, celebrating an incredible 60 years with our Rotary club (although some insist it's 61!). Either way, it's an awe-inspiring journey that deserves recognition and admiration. Paul's unwavering dedication to Rotary is a testament to his character and the values that drive our organization.
Paul's journey in Rotary began six decades ago, and he has been an exemplary Rotarian ever since. His contributions have not only enriched our club but also left an indelible mark on our local community and beyond. Paul embodies the true spirit of Rotary, which is all about service above self. Over the years, he has tirelessly worked on numerous projects, fundraisers, and initiatives, always with the goal of making a positive impact on those in need. His commitment to Rotary's mission of promoting goodwill and peace is nothing short of inspiring.

Celebrate This Milestone with Us!

As we celebrate this remarkable milestone, we express our gratitude to Paul for his unwavering dedication and passion for Rotary. His leadership, mentorship, and continuous support have played a pivotal role in ensuring that Rotary remains a vibrant and impactful organization for the next generation and generations to come. Paul's legacy is a shining example of the enduring power of Rotary, where individuals like him make a significant difference in the world, one act of service at a time. Here's to Paul Jones, a true Rotarian extraordinaire, and may his legacy continue to inspire us all.