On February 6th, 20 members of our club began the visioning process.  It is designed to help our club create a vision and discover the steps necessary to achieve that vision. Club visioning brought together a good cross-section of our membership from the newest to the most experienced Rotarian. The process will use the talents and life experience within our club to develop a vision and goals reflecting our club’s membership. The challenge during the process was to gather many ideas and opportunities for the future from the group. To make sure that all of it could be accomplished within a limited time frame, the club visioning event was run by James Prather  from the Quad Cities IL Club and Don Ahrendsen from Ottawa.  The facilitators have been well-trained in a specific process to help the club bring out the best thinking. The facilitation team did not suggest or promote projects.

This is not a strategic planning process. However, it does provide wonderful material that can be used to either help review an existing club’s strategic plan or help in the development of such a plan at a later time. By the end of the four-hour process, our club started the process of having a clearer vision of the following:

  • What the club stands for in the community;
  • The club’s target membership size in five years;
  • Identification of the club’s attributes;
  • Top three objectives for each avenue of service; and
  • Ways to improve the club’s leadership development.

The key thing to remember is that the visioning process is designed to make sure that it is our club members who are providing the input and deciding the goals, objectives, and action steps that we want to take in order to realize the vision that we have created for ourselves as a Rotary Club in their community.

President Dolleslager will recap the information that was gathered at a Club Assembly in the end of February  or March.  (Date to be determined.)