Rotary International President-Elect K.R. "Ravi" Ravindran from Colombo, Sri Lanka announced his new theme, Be a Gift to the World.  “Every one of us has something to give — whoever we are, whatever our place in life. We can give our talent, our knowledge, our abilities, and our effort; we can give our dedication and our devotion.  Through Rotary, we can take these gifts and make a genuine difference in the lives of others and in our world.  It is said that we are born with our fists clenched, but we die with our hands open, and that our talents are the gift that God gave us. What we make of our talents is our gift back to God.  Equally we come into this world grasping at everything, but when we leave it, we leave all leave material things behind as well. Through Rotary, we can leave behind something real and lasting.  Our time is now. It will never come again. Be a Gift to the World.”