Q:  Why did the Rotary Literacy Committee decide to purchase iPads as the platform to counter illiteracy?
A: Technology is not only motivating, but through its use, literacy learning is enhanced. Students are able to interact with books that include visuals and sounds, creating deeper meaning. Studies have shown that scores in reading comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and achievement increased after young children interacted with technology. Besides supporting literacy, technology supports children’s cognitive development in several ways including learning by doing and helping students visualize difficult concepts.
Q:  Who is this project serving?
A:  The iPads will be used by a total 380 third grade students in four elementary schools in the East Moline School District and one elementary school in the Silvis School District.
Q:  What is the solution to illiteracy?
A:  The solution to illiteracy lies in creating opportunities for students to improve their functional reading skills from an early age. Illiteracy is a result of cultural factors that limit students' access to learning opportunities.
Q:  When did fundraising begin?
A:   On Thursday, May 11, 2017, the East Moline/Silvis Rotary Club publically rolled out Literacy Is Everyone’s Problem during its weekly meeting. 
Q:  How much money is the Rotary Club hoping to raise?
A:   Our Rotary Club has an aggressive goal to raise $52,000 for the purchase of iPads. The East Moline/Silvis Rotary Club has pledged the first $12,000 and 20 iPads already on order.  The remaining funds will be raised through grants and donations.
Q: How can I donate?
A:  Donations can be made in one of three ways:
Q: How much does one iPad cost?
A: Each iPad and case costs $530.  If you or your organization donates this amount, your company or organization logo will be placed on the iPad in recognize your significant contribution.
Q: How much of the money goes toward the purchase of iPads?
A: 100% of all donations collected will be used to purchase iPads, cases, apps, and charging stations. There is a convenience fee that is charged by PayPal (2.5%) and Gofundme (7.0%).
Q: What are the benefits of using iPads?
A: The iPad is simple to use and promotes excitement for learning. More often than not, students may have an initial interest in something “different”, just for novelty’s sake, but the iPad opens a door to a world of self-directed learning.
Q: How will the iPads be utilized?
A: They will be used in two ways. The first way is in third grade classrooms. Teachers will utilize the iPads to enhance instruction.  The second way is at home. Students will be able to check out the iPads in the evening. They will be able to read books and use apps that are loaded onto the iPads.
Q: Why is this project important?
A: Literacy skills are a foundation for success. In order for individuals to reach their full
potential, they must be able to read and write. Achievement in all academic areas is affected by the ability to read.
Q: How will results be measured?
A: Students in both districts are assessed three times a year to determine growth in learning.  The growth results for the implementation year will be compared to the year prior to project implementation to determine impact on learning.
Q: How do I get more information?
A: For additional information on Literacy Is Everyone’s Problem contact East Moline/Silvis Rotary at eastmoline.silvis.rotary@gmail.com